TinyPortal is a software package for your Simple Machines Forum that will expand it with a frontpage, articles, information panels, shoutbox, download section and much more. It has been developed to work seamless with SMF, using many of its internal functions. No need for 2 memberbases or maintaining different theme systems - TinyPortal will work and expand within SMF, giving your members extra features without ever actually leaving the forum.

Features of Tinyportal includes:


Articles are custom pages within SMF that can contain any html code you want or even PHP code. You can control several visual options such as displaying panels or not, showing the title, comments and much more. They can be also be categorised.


Frontpage refers to the first page you see upon entering your SMF/Tinyportal site. It can work in several different ways: showing a special type of "frontblocks", show articles and/or forum topics - or show a single page. And if you don't really need a frontpage, you can make it go directly to the forum.


Blocks refer to the small boxes of information you will find on each side of your TP-driven forum. They can be many different types, the basic one being just a container for html/javascript code. Shoutbox, RSS feeds, Stats, News, PHP are some of the many different types you can use. Worth mentioning is "Block Code snippets": pre-made code snippets you can easily insert in one of your php/html blocks. Many of them expand the portal with even more functions.


Modules are extra sections for Tinyportal that perform a particular function. More are planned for the future, but currently you have this module:
  • Download Manager

All in all, these features and more to come, should give you the tools to expand your SMF forum into new realms.