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Modern / Odp: Modern L5R
« dnia: 2023-02-01, 09:56 »

Lion Paragon vs Spider Paragon pt1.

Modern / Odp: Modern L5R
« dnia: 2023-01-24, 21:57 »

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2023-01-12, 01:18 »

Ogólne / Odp: L5R RPG Thunder Edition
« dnia: 2023-01-10, 19:52 »
L5R RPG Thunder Edition (or 4. 5) Expansion 5 Update.
Hello all, it has been a good while. Here is the new update on Thunder Edition. Enjoy.
New Schools (Minor Clan Alliance Update)
-Ichiro (Badger) Grappler School
-Moshi (Centipede) Sun Sentinel School
-Tonbo (Dragonfly) Gatekeeper Diviner School
-Toritaka (Falcon) Phantom Hunter School
-Kitsune (Fox) Ward of the Woods School
-Usagi (Hare) Skirmisher School
-Mantis Storm Fleet Sailor School
-Mantis Storm Fleet Tide Seer
-Suzume (Sparrow) Patient Savant School
-Kasuga (Tortoise) Smuggler School
-Tsuruchi (Wasp) Bounty Hunter School
Update Notes:
-Lowered the amount of Composure someone gets to keep the number tracking reasonable (from Willpower x 4 to Willpower x 2). I also lowered the amount of Composure someone recovers from. Thanks to some of the folks on Reddit for that catch and insight.
-Added the sling weapon and the Slings Skill.
-Added the Languages Advantage and the Blood-Lust Disadvantage
-Rename The Great Clans folder to Factions of the Empire.
-Added the Minor Clan Alliance folder via the Factions of t he Empire folder
-Changed the Families of the Great Clans doc to Families of the Empire (to include the Minor Clan Families).
-Added the Falcon to the Enemies of the Empire doc.
-Adjusted/traded/cleaned up many older techs from previous Schools (to counter any “power creep” situations, smooth out some older techs, and be more in line with individual School themes).
-General clean-up of documents.


Modern / Odp: Modern L5R
« dnia: 2023-01-07, 13:48 »

Unicorn tacticians vs Spider monksais.

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2023-01-02, 20:55 »

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2022-12-05, 16:25 »


ASSmodee zastrzegło/odnowiło sobie trademark L5R. I nici z serii avatarów NFT z Nezumi.  :P

Może tak, może nie. Z taką tragiczną częstotliwością  wydawania czegokolwiek i komunikatem o "drop of the sales" nie zaskoczyła by mnie informacja o zamknięciu linii. Abstrahując, co za mistrz "markietingu" w ogóle puścił w świat info o spadku sprzedaży.

Czyżby Edge/Asmodee rakiem wycofywało się z fizycznego drukowania L5R?


Trading Grounds / Mega kolekcja Fabera
« dnia: 2022-11-24, 20:33 »

"Faber van Kraanen
We are considering moving house. One of the things I am not looking forward to for such an adventure is moving my CCG collection. My collection is probably one of the more complete ones in the world. I have playsets of nearly every card in every set, from Imperial Edition to Evil Portents. It's easier to list what I am missing: Pre-Imperial (previously sold seperately. Only some singles of it left) Designer Wins Promo (previously sold) and the Foil Celestial Sword of the Lion (never owned one). I do have several other rare promo's. In fact, I have nearly every promo card ever printed, mostly due to my time as a playtester, player designer, and tournament player. The collection fills an Ikea bookshelf. Up to and including Diamond Edition is in binders, the last 10 years is in (official L5R) boxes. Everything is sorted and in English (with the exception of a few promos that were never released in English, such as Rumors at Court (FR) and The Wasting Disease Experienced (GE)).
I am basically looking to gauge interest in people willing to purchase the collection in it's entirety. For European buyers I'd be willing to deliver by car personally, which would probably be cheaper than DHL and a fun adventure. A discount for personal pickup would be acceptable too. Outside of EU buyers are looking at shipping fees that are likely to come close to importing a car...
I am looking to get around €5000 but am open to reasonable offers. I am also open to questions. I am not open to selling singles. Thanks for reading!"

"Where can I actually buy Writ of the wild?"

"Impossible to get in Spain. Stores can't order it, Asmodee's spanish page doesn't even acknowledge the book. Nowhere to be seen. It's just a shitshow."


Dwa decki są już na Akodo War College. Może pojawią się następne?


Artisan District / Mario Wibisono na zamówienie
« dnia: 2022-09-20, 18:56 »
Jeden z graczy RPG zlecił Mario zilustrowanie jego postaci. Wyszło tak.

Przy okazji cennik ile takie przyjemności kosztują:

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2022-09-18, 14:07 »

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2022-09-18, 14:07 »

Nagrane mecze powolutku pojawiają się na tej playliście. Trzeba przewinąć na dół i poszukać tych z Winter Warfare w nazwie.


Rough Win-Loss percentages based on deck archetypes:

Control (8-3) - 73%
Dueling (11-6) - 64%
Combo (3-4-1) - 43%
Military (10-19) - 34%

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