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Core Set / Brakujące karty
« dnia: 2017-08-15, 11:00 »

Trading Grounds / Dla bogaczy- Temple of destiny foil
« dnia: 2015-04-12, 20:37 »
Sprzedam Temple of destiny foil za 150 zł

Tylko poważne oferty :-P

Trading Grounds / Odp: Zestaw PROMO na allegro
« dnia: 2015-03-30, 02:07 »

Trading Grounds / Oddam w dobre ręce starocie
« dnia: 2014-12-31, 15:02 »
Mam wielkie pudło staroci ( głównie C i UC), które mi tylko zalegają w szafie. Oddam chętnie za koszty przesyłki (dużo tego) i jakieś piwko czy czteropak :P

Cytat: Crab Clan Catastrophe
From the Sensei: Crab Strategy for The New Order
by Andrew Ornatov


Whenever a new L5R set is released, I like to browse the complete set spoiler and look for new strategies, ideas, and interactions that the set offers. The New Order didn’t disappoint. There are plenty of new interactions to experiment with, thanks to both new mechanics added in the set, and cards that greatly improve already existing strategies.

The theme of the article is “Exploratory Deck Design”, and I feel that deserves a quick explanation in itself. Sometimes it is not exactly clear how a new mechanic will perform from a quick glance, and a more thorough approach is required. If that’s the case, I believe a deck should be specifically constructed to showcase the new interactions and explore how they work. The exploratory deck should be a solid contender, using proven methods, so that additional variations don’t interfere with the testing.

I’ll be using the Strict format rules for this deck. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s simple--there’ll be no cards used from the Coils of Madness, Gates of Chaos or Aftermath expansions. Those expansions are “double-bugged from the previous edition of the game--Emperor Edition--and Strict format uses only cards solely “bugged” for Ivory Edition.

Will you be mine

One of the things that is immediately obvious from browsing the set on The Oracle of the Void is the new holding theme - Mines. There are five new Mines in the set, and a couple have seemingly good interactions between each other. Rich Vein allows you to look at the top 3 cards of your Dynasty deck, and refills the Province from which it came with a Mine. The Toil of Zokujin costs 1 Gold and produces 2 Gold for Mines (as well as Weapons and Armor). Both seem like solid cards that warrant testing.

The two other Mines that cost 2 Gold both produce 2 Gold and interact in some way with Armor or Weapons. We’ll include them in the deck to maximize the chances that The Toil of Zokujin is a 1 Gold-for-2 Gold as often as possible. We’ll also remember that at this point, nine of our holdings interact favorably with Weapons and Armor, so will base our Fate deck decisions at least partially on that.

The last Mine from the set is the hefty 7 Gold-cost Weapon Artist. While its Ability is quite powerful, we’re going to leave this card out for now and possibly come back to it, if our Gold scheme can handle a 7 Gold-cost holding!

The obvious inclusion of Iron Mines gives us 15 holdings as a start to our gold scheme. Since I’m planning on taking the deck in a “swarm-ish” direction, I’ll include two Famous Bazaars to round out the gold scheme at 17 holdings.

Iron Mine x 3
Delicate Forge x 3
Developed Quarry x 3
Rich Vein x 3
The Toil of Zokujin x 3
Famous Bazaar x 2


I mentioned above that this will most likely be a “swarm” deck. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means a deck that aims to Recruit numerous, relatively inexpensive Personalities and quite literally swarm its opponent with more units than it can deal with. The reason for this is the great “swarm” Personalities that The New Order has to offer to Crab. Hida Ayameko is a 3F/3C Tactician for 6 Gold with a - Honor Requirement; those numbers are really quite good. Hiruma Toshi and Kaiu Akemi offer solid Force:Gold ratios, while Akemi also has a potentially devastating Battle Action. While Hida O-Win has a solid Force:Gold ratio and a decent Battle Action - which is normally made of win and warrants an auto-inclusion in swarm! - his Honor Requirement is a little bit prohibitive, especially since this deck is shaping up to be a great candidate for the Aranai Sensei.

So, we’ll include the nine, great swarm personalities mentioned above, and fill the deck out with solid bodies from previous sets.

Hida Ayameko x 3
Hiruma Toshi x 3
Kaiu Akemi x 3
Hida Saiyuki x 3
Hida Toranosuke x 3
Hida Zaiberu x 3
Myuken x 3
Ninube Shiho x 2

The Dynasty deck done, so let’s move on to the Fate deck!

Ongoing Progress

While browsing the The New Order spoiler, a particular Fate card caught my eye - Ongoing Division. Normally discard costs are fairly prohibitive, but if those costs can be eliminated or mitigated, then the corresponding cards whose Abilities are causing the discard can become quite powerful.

One of the cards that I’ve always thought had the potential to be amazing is Progressive. Reusable Battle Actions that remove presence are often game-swingers. Up until The New Order, however, the discard cost of Progressive was a bit too much for my tastes. With Ongoing Division, however, that discard cost is mitigated. So, let’s start the Fate deck with 3 of each of those two cards.

Ongoing Division x 3
Progressive x 3

Another mechanic that shines with discard mechanics such as Tactician and Progressive is Discipline. Doing a quick search for Discipline cards with high Focus Values gives us a couple of contenders--The Thrill of Daring (another new card from The New Order), and Way of the Crab.

Next, if we’re running Aranai Sensei, let’s include the powerful Tactician cards that are available to us - Inspired Leadership and The Sun Returns.

Remember how I mentioned that our holdings interact well with weapons? Well, The New Order offers a great weapon for swarm in Forge Hammer. With a 1:1 Force:Gold ratio and the Expendable Keyword, this card is amazing for a swarm deck; the fact that it offers a reasonably high Focus Value for our Tacticians and for Progressive makes the card even better. We’ll flesh-out our Weapon package with the efficient Kaiu Axe and Reinforced Parangu.

I feel that we have room for one more experimental card, and that card is Open Ground. The versatility of being able to move back into battle after being moved Home, while also dragging back opposing Courtiers that ran away from battle, probably makes this one of the better non-military meta cards. So, now our Fate deck looks like this:

Forge Hammer x 3
Kaiu Axe x 3
Reinforce Parangu x 3
Ongoing Division x 3
Progressive x 3
The Thrill of Daring x 3
Way of the Crab x 3
Inspired Leadership x 3
The Sun Returns x 3

We’ll fill-out the rest of the deck with generally good Strategies with Battle Actions. Versatile Army offers both a straighten and bow Action. Coward! gives us both Fate card draw and potential to “harpoon” an opposing unit into battle (“harpoon” means to drag one of your opponent’s units into a battle, usually unwillingly!), which will also “turn on” our Stronghold’s Force-bonus Trait. Sudden Movement and Fall Back! go in as straighten effects. Add a couple of useful Rings, and our Fate deck is done!
Final Decklist

The Impregnable Fortress of the Crab
Aranai Sensei

Iron Mine x3
Delicate Forge x3
Developed Quarry x3
Rich Vein x3
The Toil of Zokujin x3
Famous Bazaar x2

Hida Ayameko x3
Hiruma Toshi x3
Kaiu Akemi x3
Hida Saiyuki x3
Hida Toranosuke x3
Hida Zaiberu x3
Myuken x3
Ninube Shiho x2

Forge Hammer x3
Kaiu Axe x3
Reinforce Parangu x3
Ongoing Division x3
Progressive x3
The Thrill of Daring x3
Way of the Crab x3
Inspired Leadership x3
The Sun Returns x3
Versatile Army x3
Coward! x3
Sudden Movement x3
Fall Back x2
Ring of Earth x1
Ring of Air x1

A couple of explanations on cards that I didn’t get to earlier. Myuken is in the deck because he can use the Tactical Advantage ability after copying the Tactician Keyword from one of your other Personalities. Ninube Shiho (despite being a filthy Spider) is a generally good card that becomes even better with Inspired Leadership. The rest of the Crab Personalities are there for their good Force:Gold ratio and their Abilities. Finally, after reflecting,I don’t think the deck can support the 7 Gold-cost Weapon Artist after all, despite it being a Mine, so it was left out.

The point of exploratory deck design is to learn. Learn which cards work together and which don’t. Learn which cards are as strong as you thought they were, and which are either stronger or weaker than you originally expected, and then make changes accordingly.

After playing the above deck, you’ll have a good idea whether or not the Mine-based Gold-scheme has legs, both for efficient Gold production and as support for Weapons. You’ll know whether Ongoing Division, The Thrill of Daring, and generally high Focus Values are enough to run Progressive, Tacticians, and Kaiu Akemi effectively. You’ll know whether or not The Sun Returns is useful in a swarm deck or not. Most importantly, you’ll be able to apply the conclusions that you reach to deck-building generally, making you a better, faster, and stronger overall L5R deck builder. Enjoy, and may the Fortunes be with you!"

Trading Grounds / Glory wymienię!
« dnia: 2014-06-25, 23:17 »
Wymienię cranowe/skorpowe glory na inne prawie dowolne :D

Szczyrk 14-15 czerwca 2014 / 5 koku
« dnia: 2014-06-07, 09:57 »
Przypominam zarówno tym z którymi się dogadywałem, jak i całej reszcie, że poszukuję kart 5 koku, takich jak na obrazku: KOKU.
Mogę dać w zamian normalne koku czy też jakieś inne rzeczy, jakoś się dogadamy :D Także poszukajcie proszę czy nie macie takich cudeniek dla mnie :)

Trading Grounds / Szukam SUANA DOJO
« dnia: 2014-05-17, 15:52 »
Kupię Suana Dojo w dowolnych ilościach. Chcę sobie wytapetować tył talii :D Oferuję $$$ lub ewentualnie jakieś karty

Szczecin 11-13 kwietnia 2014 / Need shiny, shiny
« dnia: 2014-04-07, 00:47 »
PILNIE potrzebuję pożyczyć następujące karty na kotei w wersji foil, jestem w stanie dać za to normalne wersje, także na turniej będziecie mieli to w talii, tylko nie będzie się świeciło jak psu jajca :D

Akodo Tsudoken exp 2
Daidoji Tametaka exp 2
3x Yoritomo Mikaru
3x Yoritomo Toganin
3x Kobune Port (wiem, że kiedyś były jakieś świecące wersje)
1x Jade Pearl Inn
1x Productive Mine
3x Famous Bazaar
2x Slave Pits
3x Crystal Tears
3x Strenght of the Bear
2x Unsettling
2x Enslaved Djin

Dodatkowo pożyczyłbym od kogoś foile, tutaj bez możliwości dania zwykłego
2x A champion's Strike

Ivory Edition / Hida Toranosuke
« dnia: 2013-12-04, 00:15 »
Hida Toranosuke (L5R Facebook)
Crab Personality - RARE - 62

Force: 3
Chi: 3
Honor Requirement: 0
Gold Cost: 5
Personal Honor: 3

Crab Clan ? Samurai

Home Battle: Target your Personality at any location. Switch his and Toranosuke's location. Straighten their units as they move.

"There are few things that raise my ire more than a proselytizing Spider."

Trading Grounds / Sprzedam zestaw kości Krabowych
« dnia: 2013-10-24, 16:34 »
Jak w temacie. Zestaw jeszcze zapakowany, jeden już mam dlatego chcę się pozbyć drugiego. Cena do ustalenia na priv

Mistrzostwa Polski 2013 / Bydgoszcz - MP - pożyczki
« dnia: 2013-09-11, 09:56 »
Jakby ktoś miał wolne, to pożyczę na MPki 2 x Exquisite Silk Works :)

Gates of Chaos / Fudoist Temple
« dnia: 2013-07-17, 17:41 »
Fudoist Temple (Strange Assembly)
Holding - UNCOMMON

Gold Cost:

Fudo ? Temple

: Produce 3 gold.
Open, : Give a target Personality and each of his followers Cavalry.

A Shinseist Temple, you say? Why don't I recognize the statue, then? - Hida Watari

Czy znajdzie się jakaś dobra dusza, co byłaby wstanie zabrać samochodem dwóch podróżników w sobotę o 7 rano z bielska do szczyrku za jakiś czteropak czy coś? :)

Trading Grounds / Yasuki peddler - karty na sprzedaż
« dnia: 2013-05-03, 19:50 »
Discovering the seeds of Void x 1
Inspired Leadership x 3
Relocating the Court x 5
Daigotsu Teruo x 3
A Kensai's Victory x 2
Akodo Niito x2
Benefits of Honor x2
Calculated Risk x1
Coastal Lane x5
Dragon Elite Inkyo x1
Ensorcelled Longsword x3
Ide Ryou x1
Kakita Ariyoshi x1
Kitsune Satoko x1
Legion of the Khan x2
Moto Alani x1
Oboro, the Liar x1
Progressive x5
Spider Elite Sohei x2
Spirited Dispute x2
Strength Remains x2
Tamori Wataru x2
Uncovered Plans x1
Victory Through Deference x1
Yasuki Hora x2


W nawiasie opisane jeśli jest foil lub stara wersja karty

 2 x summer con pack 2013


4 x Hida Ayahi (1 x foil, 2 x stara wersja)
3 x Hida Kaiji exp
3 x Hida Kurabi
1 x Hida O-Ushi inexp
1 x Hida Toranosuke
2 x Hiruma Nikaru (1 x foil)
4 x Hiruma Ogata (1 x fullbleed)
6 x Kaiu Nakagawa (5 x stara wersja w tym jeden foil, 1 x nowy foil)
2 x Kasuga Aizawa
1 x Kuni Renyu
1 x Nishoji
8 x Toritaka Chokichi exp
10 x Toritaka Iabuchi
5 x Yasuki Makoto (3 x stara wersja, 1 x nowy foil)
1 x Yasuki Tono exp


2 x Asahina Kitiaru exp
2 x Daidoji Adachi
4 x Daidoji Sutebo
2 x Daidoji Tobei
1 x Daidoji Ujirou (foil)
2 x Doji Hoturi inexp (1 x foil)
2 x Doji Katata (2 x foil)
6 x Doji Shirarou (5 x stary, 1 x nowy foil)
2 x Doji Soeka (2 x foil)
1 x Kakita Hideo exp 2 (1 x foil)
1 x Kakita Ichigiku exp
2 x Kakita Jikeru


2 x Kimura (1 x foil)
2 x Kitsuki Daisuke exp 2 (1 x foil)
2 x Kitsuki Kira
2 x Mirumoto Kalen exp
6 x Mirumoto Katagi exp (1 x foil)
2 x Mirumoto Kazuya (1 x fullbleed)
3 x Mirumoto Tsuda
1 x Mirumoto Yasushi (foil)
3 x Tamori Jinai
5 x Togashi Ango (3 x stara wersja)
1 x Togashi Mitsu inexp
1 x Togashi Noboru
4 x Togashi Ogure (1 x stara wersja, 1 x foil)
2 x Usagi Seki (1 x foil)


6 x Akodo Dairuko exp
3 x Akodo Uehara exp
1 x Ikoma Aimi (foil)
3 x Ikoma Yoshimoko (2 x foil)
2 x Kitsu Leiko
1 x Kitsu Miro (1 x stara wersja)
4 x Kitsu Ririko (1 x foil)
9 x Matsu Misato (6 x stara wersja z GotE)
1 x Matsu Miura
6 x Matsu Morito (5 x stary w tym jeden foil)
1 x Matsu Nimuro exp 2
1 x Morito Inoue


1 x Kitsune Merihiko exp
1 x Okazaki
1 x Tochiko
4 x Tsuruchi Natsuki (4 x old w tym jeden foil)
1 x Tsuruchi Yashiro
2 x Yoritomo Hiromi exp
5 x Yoritomo Ichido (3 x stara wersja)
1 x Yoritomo Matsuo
4 x Yoritomo Mikaru


2 x Asako Chukage
2 x Asako Ifukube
2 x Asako Kaitoko exp
8 x Asako Karachu exp
6 x Asako Sadaki (5 x stara wersja)
1 x Hamuro
5 x Isawa Amihiko (5 x stara wersja w tym 3 foil)
2 x Isawa Hajime
1 x Isawa Hibana (stara wersja)
3 x Isawa Hikarou
3 x Isawa Ikariya
4 x Isawa Kaname
3 x Isawa Ryuzo (1 x fullbleed)
1 x Isawa Tsuke
1 x Isawa Tsumaro
1 x Shiba Iamiko
1 x Tonbo Inuyama


3 x Bayushi Aibako
2 x Bayushi Jin-e
2 x Bayushi Kahoku exp 2 (1 x foil)
11 x Bayushi Toshimo (6 x stara wersja)
1 x Rokkaku
4 x Shosuro Hotaka
2 x Shosuro Kameyoi exp (1 x foil)
5 x Shosuro Tagiso (4 x stara wersja)
6 x Soshi Kodanshi exp
9 x Yogo Honami (6 x stara wersja w tym 2 x foil)
4 x Yogo Katsuta (2 x fullbleed)
6 x Yogo Takashi


2 x Daigotsu Arakan exp (1 x foil)
5 x Daigotsu Geiko (3 x stara wersja)
2 x Daigotsu Gyoken exp
3 x Daigotsu Hirose
3 x Daigotsu Kanpeki exp 2
3 x Daigotsu Ryuko
3 x Ninube Onchi
4 x Ninube Shiho (4 x stara wersja)
5 x Nishiguchi (3 x full bleed)
5 x Suikotsu (3 x stara wersja)
1 x Susumu Takuan
1 x Susuma Yanada (foil)
3 x Toku Saiga (1 x foil)
2 x Yunmen


6 x Akumasa
1 x Asako Usohara
1 x Asp Skirmisher
4 x Dainiko (3 x stara wersja)
1 x Hantei XVI
4 x Hatsu Suru no Oni (3 x stara wersja, 1 x foil)
1 x Ichiro Otani
7 x Iuchi Takaki
1 x Iweko Seiken
3 x Kataoka
1 x Legulus
2 x Otomo Suikihime exp
1 x P'an Ku
1 x Patairaku no Oni
3 x Sengmai (1 x foil)


1 x Komori Miyano
7 x Moto Alagh (7 x stara wersja)
3 x Moto Ming-Gwok exp (1 x foil)
1 x Moto Taigo exp
2 x Moto Ulagan
1 x Moto Xin
5 x Shinjo Kinto exp 2
3 x Utaku Sang - Ju
3 x Shinjo Tselu exp (1 x foil)
7 x Shinjo Tselu exp 2
8 x Shinjo Yoshie
1 x Tsiang
9 x Utaku Hyo - Yeon (5 x stara wersja)
8 x Utaku Izimi (5 x stare w tym 2 x foil)
2 x Utaku Saiken
3 x Utaku Sang-Ju


3 x Border Keep exp (3 x stara wersja)
9 x Colonial Harbor (6 x stary z FL)
17 x Deeds and Words (12 x stara wersja)
2 x exquisite silk works
2 x Family Dojo
5 x Heavy infantry dojo (5 x stara wersja)
3 x Hidden weapons
1 x House of Disgrace
3 x Humble house (3 x stara wersja)
4 x Jiramu's Court (4 x stara wersja)
3 x Merchant Atoll (3 x stara wersja)
6 x Questionable Merchant
2 x Recruitment station (2 x fullbleed)
10 x Sacred Temples
1 x School of Wizardry (foil)
2 x Secluded outpost (1 x stara)
8 x Slanderer (6 x stara wersja)
1 x Small-Time Bully
2 x Temple of Madness
9 x Travelling Market
1 x tunnel network
19 x Vengeful Populace (19 x stara wersja)


8 x A Time for Action (1 x stara wersja, 4 x foil)
1 x Auspicious Arrival
2 x Changing the Game
6 x Family Maneuvers
2 x Frost Dragon Festival
2 x Into the Wastes
2 x Journe's End Siege
1 x Legionnaire's Appointment
2 x Losing the Way
1 x Rampant Paranoia
4 x Severed from the Emperor (2 x foil)
3 x The empire's foe exposed (1 x foil)
2 x the fever breaks
1 x the madness spreads (foil)
1 x the second battle of beiden pass (foil)
2 x yozo's inspiration


6 x Aberrations (3 x fullbleed)
4 x Band of brothers
7 x Baraunghar Scouts (7 x stara wersja)
1 x Black Riders
6 x Chagatai's legion (4 x stara wersja)
5 x Cay Kshatriya
5 x Court Attendants (5 x stara wersja)
6 x Enslaved Djinn
10 x Family Sensei
3 x Iweko Honor Guard (2 x foil)
6 x Legion of Toshigoku (5 x stara wersja)
3 x Lone Sentry (2 x fullbleed)
1 x Maddened Horde
6 x Merchant Guards
7 x Naga Remnants
4 x Oriole Imperial Vanguard (3 x stara wersja)
6 x P'an Ku Cultist
3 x Rice Farmer (3 x foil)
7 x Shinobi Vassal (1 x fullbleed)
8 x Souls of the Fallen (8 x stara wersja)
4 x Tsukai-sagasu (4 x stara wersja w tym jeden foil)
3 x unseen Assasins
3 x Watch Commander


2 x Among the Clouds
5 x Befriend the Tides
1 x Blade of Storms
2 x Constructing the Self
1 x Focus on the Flame
3 x Interrupt the Void's Flow
1 x Kiyoshi's Wrath
1 x Searing siege
1 x Sinful Dreams
7 x Summon Fushicho
2 x Summon Undead Champion
2 x Tempest of Air
1 x The Dragon's Talon
7 x The tao of Fudo
3 x Touch the Emptiness (2 x stara wersja)
3 x Trembling Earth
4 x Words of Consecration (4 x stara wersja)


9 x Armor of the Mad (4 x fullbleed)
2 x Ashalan Blade
2 x Dagger of Crystal Wind
7 x Enigmatic Pendant
3 x Haramaki-do
1 x Heart of Fudo
5 x Hellbeast (1 x foil, 4 x stara wersja)
3 x Imperial Sword
2 x Koan's Jingasa (stara wersja)
1 x Koan's Robes
1 x Koan's Scroll Satchel
1 x Koan's Staff
27 x Lantern of Revelation
2 x Lost Blade of Maharaja
5 x Parangu (4 x fullbleed)
9 x Record of Failure (2 x foil, 7 x stara wersja)
5 x Red Hunger's Fang
3 x Simple Spears
dużo x Sadamune Blade alternative art!
1 x Sohei's Ono
1 x Tiger Claw
6 x Tsuruchi Longbow (2 x foil, 3 x stara wersja)
5 x Versatile Blade


1 x A Champion's Strike (1 x foil)
1 x A Game of Dice (1 x stara wersja)
8 x Aligned With Elements (2 x foil, 4 x stara wersja)
3 x A Magistrate Falls
2 x Ambush (1 x stara wersja)
2 x Ascendence (1 x foil)
6 x Banish all Shadows (4 x stara wersja w tym 2 x foil)
3 x Blanketed Forest (3 x stara wersja)
3 x Claiming the Ruins
4 x Concealed Reserves
2 x Creating Order (2 x stara wersja)
5 x Death of the Winds
8 x Defensive Grill (3 x foil, 3 x stara wersja)
6 x Determined Challenge (5 x stara wersja)
2 x Discovering the Anvil of Earth
2 x Expanding the Gardens
2 x Entrenched Position (stara wersja)
3 x Fallen
5 x Favors (3 x stara wersja)
2 x Feared Duelist (2 x foil)
12 x Focus (różne wersje)
1 x For The Fallen
3 x Hidden Storehouse of House Rafiq
3 x Imminent Victory
1 x Inexplicable Challenge (1 x stara wersja)
3 x Insight (3 x stara wersja)
1 x Investigation (1 x stara wersja)
3 x Invocation (2 x fullbleed)
3 x It was a cat
6 x Ivinda village
13 x Journey's End (9 x stara wersja)
4 x Lessons from the Herald
6 x Men of Cunning (6 x stara wersja)
1 x Move the Troops
6 x Open Emotion (1 x foil, 5 x stara wersja)
6 x Recovering what was lost
3 x Sanctioned Duel (stara wersja)
1 x Sleight of Hand
12 x Sneak Attack (różne wersje)
5 x Sorrowful Prayer
6 x Strength of the bear
1 x Suikihime's Sanction (fullbleed)
4 x Temple Grounds
3 x The False Route
3 x The Final Lesson
1 x The tale of disgraced
5 x Today we Die (3 x stara wersja)
2 x Trade Embargo
3 x Unchecked Fury (1 x foil)
6 x Unwelcome Supervision
1 x Versatile Army
1 x Way of the Unicorn

5 x Wheels Within Wheels (4 x stara wersja, w tym jedna signed)

Coils of Madness / Akodo Tsudoken (Exp2)
« dnia: 2013-04-19, 12:56 »
Akodo Tsudoken (L5R Facebook)
Personality - FIXED

Force: 5
Chi: 2
Honour Requirement: -
Gold Cost: 7
Personal Honour: 0

Lion Clan ? Commander ? Fallen ? Samurai ? Experienced 2 ? Unique

After Tsudoken enters play, lose 3 honor.

Tireless Battle/Open: Straighten you target Lion Clan or Fallen Personality. (You may use Tireless abilities even if bowed.)

The light in his eyes was not fire, but something darker.

Torn Asunder / [Torn Asunder: Strategy] Eye of the Sword
« dnia: 2013-01-26, 10:26 »
Eye of the Sword

Strategy - RARE

Gold Cost: 0


Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Duelist and target an enemy Personality: Your Personality duels the target. Destroy the duel's loser. Give the winner two +1F tokens.

Focus: 2

"Victory in a duel is the purest kind." - Doji Genshin

Torn Asunder / [Torn Asunder: Holding] Miryoku no Shima
« dnia: 2013-01-26, 10:24 »
Miryoku no Shima

Holding - RARE

Gold Cost: 6

Bow this card: Produce 5 Gold.

Open: Choose your two performing Personalities: A lesson is taught. One copies Commander, Duelist, Kensai, Magistrate, Paragon, Scout, or Yojimbo from the other.

"An estate belonging to both the Dragon and Crane, a chance for both clans to learn from each other in the name of peace."

Merchant Caravan / Holiday pack
« dnia: 2012-11-12, 20:17 »

Strony: [1] 2