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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

Pokaż wątki - Hitomi Monroouke

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Trading Grounds / Karty przyjmę....
« dnia: 2014-07-19, 12:58 »
Zdając sobie sprawę jakim utrapieniem są stosy zbędnych kart, postanowiłem wyjść tej problematyce naprzeciw.
Jestem gotów pomóc Wam w tej kłopotliwej sytuacji. Jeśli więc, macie zbyt wiele, niżej wymienionych kart, to chętnie je przyjmę.
Dodatkowo jestem nawet(!) gotów opłacić koszty przesyłki (wiem, wiem, ma dobroć jest niezmierzona).

3x Kikko
3x Relentless
3x Singing Blade
3x Cavalry Escort
3x Kharmic Threat
3x Bountiful Fields
3x Imperial Sword
3x Carpenter Shrine
3x Temple of Serenity
3x Awakened Naginata
3x Thousand Year Rivalry

Wszelkie propozycje przyjmuję na priva.
(radzę się spieszyć, decydować będzie kolejność zgłoszeń  ;D)

Trading Grounds / Hitomi - Wanted Blings!
« dnia: 2014-05-04, 20:02 »
Poszukuję pilnie:

3x Family Sword
3x Utaku's Destiny

The Coming Storm / Battle Attendants
« dnia: 2014-04-28, 11:56 »
Battle Attendants (L5R.com)
Follower - COMMON - 80

Force: 2
Chi: 0
Gold Cost: 4

Can only attach to a Samurai.
Engage, : Create and attach a +2F/+0C Armor Item to this Personality. Remove it from the game after this battle ends.

Focus Value: 3

A samurai requires many servants to attend to his or her needs, and war provides no exceptions.

The Coming Storm / Awakened Naginata
« dnia: 2014-04-28, 11:32 »
Awakened Naginata (L5R Oracle)
Item - UNCOMMON - 91

Force: +3
Chi: +2
Gold Cost: 7

Polearm ? Two-Handed ? Destined ? Weapon

(Draw a card after you Equip a Destined card.)

Focus Value: 3

"There are many secrets for awakening powerful spirits within the weapons of war. However, there are few that can be trusted to use such power wisely. Even a fraction of such might in the hands of the unworthy can cause immeasurable tragedy." - Asako Chukage

The Coming Storm / Bleak Lands
« dnia: 2014-04-28, 11:26 »
Bleak Lands (L5R Oracle)
Strategy - COMMON - 116


Your Followers at this battlefield have +1F.
Battle: Destroy a Terrain (if able). Put this Terrain into play.

Focus Value: 1

"It matters little if we win or lose this fight. Whatever the outcome, it shall be done on the deaths of the men on the field."

The Coming Storm / The Eternal Chase
« dnia: 2014-04-27, 00:44 »
The Eterlan Chase (Legion of Coqui)
Strategy - COMMON - 145

Iaijutsu Battle: Your target unbowed Personality challenges a target enemy Personality. Bow the loser. Destroy him if the last Battle action his owner took this battle destroyed one of your Personalities.

Focus Value: 2

Though it started at the dawn of the Empire, the feud will never have a definitive answer.

The Coming Storm / Personal Guard
« dnia: 2014-04-27, 00:39 »
Personal Guard (Legion of the Coqui)
Follower - UNCOMMON - 84

Force: 1
Chi: 0
Gold Cost: 5


This Follower has a Force Bonus equal to this Personality?s Personal Honor.

Focus Value: 4

"My personal guard insists that I should take your life." Hachiro smiled at Karachu. "But that would be too merciful, I think."

Ivory Edition / Mist
« dnia: 2014-01-13, 11:00 »
Mist (L5R Kolat Edition)
Strategy - UNCOMMON - 327


Ranged Attacks from any player's cards have ?2 strength unless he controls a Scout at this battlefield.
Battle/Engage: Destroy a Terrain (if able). Put this Terrain into play.

Focus Value: 1

"Know your terrain. Know it so well that it does not matter if you cannot see it." ? Daidoji Tametaka

Ivory Edition / Do-Maru
« dnia: 2014-01-13, 10:55 »
Do-Maru (L5R Kolat Edition)
Item - UNCOMMON - 230

Force: +1
Chi: +0
Gold Cost: 2


This Personality has  +1PH.
Battle: Fear 2 (Bow a target enemy Follower, or Personality without Followers, with 2 or lower Force).

Focus Value: 2

Every suit of armor must be custom-fitted for the wearer. New suits are commissioned before the samurai's gempukku, and ancestral suits are rarely worn.

Ivory Edition / Haramaki-do
« dnia: 2014-01-13, 10:51 »
Haramaki-do (L5R Kolat Edition)
Item - RARE - 234

Force: +2
Chi: +0
Gold Cost: 4


This Personality has +1PH.
Battle: Fear 3.

Focus Value: 3

More wars mean more innovations for armors. For the first time in centuries, armor-makers are breaking the molds of tradition, and a new age of armor-smithing has awakened.

Ivory Edition / A Ready Soul
« dnia: 2014-01-13, 10:45 »
A Ready Soul (L5R Kolat Edition)
Strategy - UNCOMMON - 282

Battle, #*gold: Equip a Weapon to your target Personality, paying 3 less Gold if he is a Kensai and opposed.

Focus Value: 2

"A true samurai always grasps his sword - if not with his hand, then with his soul. Should his soul be ready, so is his sword." ? Mirumoto Yonekura

Ivory Edition / Togashi Ogure (Soul of Hoshu Akiyama)
« dnia: 2014-01-13, 09:55 »
Togashi Ogure (L5r Kolat Edition)
Dragon Personality - RARE - 96

Force: 3
Chi: 4
Honor Requirement: 4
Gold Cost: 6
Personal Honor: 2

Dragon Clan ? Monk ? Soul of Hoshi Akiyama

Battle: Discard a Kiho to give Ogure +2F, or +3F if he is defending.
Battle: Bow your target unbowed Ring. Take two additional Battle actions.

The temptation to apply the teachings of kaze-do can be overwhelming.

Ivory Edition / Resist Magic
« dnia: 2014-01-06, 16:42 »
Resist Magic (Crab Clan Catastrophe)
Strategy - RARE - 337

Interrupt: After an action on Kiho, Shugenja, or Spell targets your cards, negate its remaining effects.

Focus Value: 3

"We seek the deeper mysteries of the Elements," Hizumi said. "A pity you did not."

Ivory Edition / Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan
« dnia: 2014-01-06, 16:34 »
Ancestral Armor of the Crab Clan (Experienced) (Crab Clan Catastrophe)
Item - FIXED - 219

Force: +3
Chi: +0
Gold Cost: 8

Armor ? Experienced ? Unique

Can only attach to a Crab Clan Personality. After you Equip this Item, gain 2 Honor.
Tireless Battle/Open: Straighten this Personality, and straighten his attachments if he is defending.

Focus Value: 4

Forged by Kaiu himself, refitted for every Crab Champion, Fukutsu is a symbol of the Clan's undying vigilance.

Ivory Edition / Hiruma Fujito
« dnia: 2014-01-06, 16:26 »
Hiruma Fujito (Crab Clan Catastrophe)
Crab Personality - COMMON - 63

Force: 2
Chi: 1
Honor Requirement: 0
Gold Cost: 4
Personal Honor: 2

Crab Clan ? Samurai ? Scout

Battle: Target Fujito's Follower. Fear with strength equal to its Force (Bow a target enemy Follower, or Personality without Followers, with Force equal or lower than Fear's strength).

"Is this it? My grandfather told me tales of the horrors in his days. You - are nothing."

Ivory Edition / Flashy Technique
« dnia: 2014-01-01, 16:11 »
Flashy Technique (Strange Assembly)
Strategy - COMMON - 313

As a Focus Effect, this duel's winner gains 1 Honor after it ends.
Open: If you not played another Flashy Technique this turn, Personalities have -1F while attacking.

Focus Value: 4

"Yes, it is impressive. "Impressive and shallow." - Kakita Ibara

Rules / Breaking the Rhythm
« dnia: 2013-12-30, 22:55 »
Czy zagrywając Breaking the Rhythm (Absent Battle: Negate a target Personality's current Force bonuses or penalties) można zanegować efekt wcześniejszego zagrania Creating Order (Battle/Open: Target Personality: Either negate all current and new Force bonuses and penalties on them from actions, or straighten his unit.) Oczywiście Crating Order został zagrany w celu zanegowani Force bonusów na wskazanej postaci.

Ivory Edition / Family Library
« dnia: 2013-12-21, 17:38 »
Family Library (Rokugan Scholar)
Holding - UNCOMMON - 18

Gold Cost: 2

: Produce 2 Gold.
Limited: Discard a face-up card from one of your provinces. Refill the Province with your target discarded (not dead) Personality. Destroy this Holding.

"The deeds of our ancestors are paramount, Nichiro. We must maintain the records."

Ivory Edition / Firestorm Legion
« dnia: 2013-12-21, 17:32 »
Firestorm Legion (Rokugan Scholar)
Follower - UNCOMMON - 194

Force: 2
Chi: 0
Gold Cost: 6


(Follower cannot attach or cast Spells.)
Attaches to a Phoenix Clan Personality for 1 less Gold.
Fire Battle, : Ranged Attack with strength equal to this Pesonality's Chi.

Focus Value: 2

A Phoenix roused to violence is a terrible thing to behold.

Ivory Edition / Unwelcome Supervision
« dnia: 2013-12-21, 17:27 »
Unwelcome Supervision (Rokugan Scholar)
Strategy - RARE - 357

Limited: A target player discards a card at random.

Focus Value: 2

"Now, now, do not forget your customary closing. We would not wish to cause anyone to grow suspicious, would we?"

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