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Trading Grounds / Mega kolekcja Fabera
« dnia: 2022-11-24, 20:33 »

"Faber van Kraanen
We are considering moving house. One of the things I am not looking forward to for such an adventure is moving my CCG collection. My collection is probably one of the more complete ones in the world. I have playsets of nearly every card in every set, from Imperial Edition to Evil Portents. It's easier to list what I am missing: Pre-Imperial (previously sold seperately. Only some singles of it left) Designer Wins Promo (previously sold) and the Foil Celestial Sword of the Lion (never owned one). I do have several other rare promo's. In fact, I have nearly every promo card ever printed, mostly due to my time as a playtester, player designer, and tournament player. The collection fills an Ikea bookshelf. Up to and including Diamond Edition is in binders, the last 10 years is in (official L5R) boxes. Everything is sorted and in English (with the exception of a few promos that were never released in English, such as Rumors at Court (FR) and The Wasting Disease Experienced (GE)).
I am basically looking to gauge interest in people willing to purchase the collection in it's entirety. For European buyers I'd be willing to deliver by car personally, which would probably be cheaper than DHL and a fun adventure. A discount for personal pickup would be acceptable too. Outside of EU buyers are looking at shipping fees that are likely to come close to importing a car...
I am looking to get around €5000 but am open to reasonable offers. I am also open to questions. I am not open to selling singles. Thanks for reading!"

Artisan District / Mario Wibisono na zamówienie
« dnia: 2022-09-20, 18:56 »
Jeden z graczy RPG zlecił Mario zilustrowanie jego postaci. Wyszło tak.

Przy okazji cennik ile takie przyjemności kosztują:

"A OBH Legacy champ has been crowned.

Congratulations to the participants of the J-Cup Winter Warfare event. Out of 18 players, here are your top cut:

Champion - Francis Abrigo - Phoenix
2nd place - Mark Navarro - Dragon
3rd place - Alain Hortillosa - Crane
4th place - Mark Andrew Bull - Dragon
5th place - Rod Erick - Phoenix (Top Swiss/Undefeated)
6th place - Rielle Ceredon - Unicorn
7th place - Mark Saracanlao - Dragon
8th place - Ron Jacob - Shadowlands

Chyba 11 graczy. Miało być więcej ludzi  (5-6), ale ulewne deszcze uniemożliwiły dojazd niektórym.

Na razie szybkie wyniki z czołówki z pierwszej ręki. Jutro powinienem mieć pełny opis.

1. Lion - Oni Shadowlands
2. Phoenix - Dark Phoenix
3. Lion - Lion 6-3-7
4. Phoenix - Dark Phoenix, Anti Shadowlands
5. Scorpion - Ninja Attack

Oto jedno nagranie z pierwszej rundy: https://youtu.be/tLUTamxs24I

A tu kilka fotek:

Legacy / L5Revival
« dnia: 2022-02-24, 22:05 »
Ktoś odgrzebał jaką francuską stronę z lokalnym pomysłem na granie w Legacy w oparciu o War of Honor i dowolnym printingiem kart (wysiwyg).


Po francusku, ale jak ktoś nie zna, to google translate pomoże. 

Też z Filipin, ale inne miasto, inny format. Tym razem Imperial, ale na 40/40.

1. The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix: 5-1 (Champion)
2. The Ancient Halls of the Akodo 4-2
2. The Ancestral Home of the Lion 4-2
4. Yogo Junzo's Army 3-3 and
4. The Esteemed House of the Crane: 3-3
5. The War Fortress of the Crab: 2-4
6. The Ruined Fortess of the Scorpion: 0-6

Fotki: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FortressOfTheForgotten/posts/4208581982574575/


Chłopaki się zgadali i zagrali turniej Legacy na zasadach Obsidian Hand.

1. Crane - Kyuden Otomo exp. / Seppun Sensei / Toturi Tsudao / 4-0
2. Crab - Razor Edge's Dojo / Kisada Sensei / Black Heart of the Emperor / 3-1
3. Toturi's Army - The Palace of Otosan Uchi / no sensei / Imperial Favor / 2-2
4. Phoenix - Morikage Toshi / Izuna Sensei / Voice of the Emperor / 1-3
5. Unicorn - The Khan's Shinning Hordes / Yoritomo Sensei / Right Hand of the Emperor / 0-4

Fotki tutaj: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FortressOfTheForgotten/posts/4206200736146033/

Ogólne / L5R idzie w dedeki. Znowu?
« dnia: 2021-09-14, 21:47 »

Ogólne / L5R RPG Thunder Edition
« dnia: 2021-08-10, 09:10 »
by Sergio Frazier
"Introducing L5R RPG Thunder Edition (or 4.5), a project I have been working on for a while now. Inspiration came from a lot of sources, like homebrew from Kaze no Shiro, my own homebrew, 5th edition (concepts), and a lot of Rob Hobart's design notes on L5R “5” edition. If anything, you might get a glimpse of what an L5R 5th edition would have looked like under AEG IMO, before the buyout. The docs include the L5R RPG Thunder Edition Core Basics, Skills, some Advantages and Disadvantages, Armor and Weapons, and two examples of Schools using the Hida School and the Mirumoto School (Magic is still a work in progress). I would like to give credit to all of those that worked on L5R RPG 4e since I used the organized info and word use from the core rule book, inserting new material as someone reads along. Enjoy. P.S. this was a fun project if anything else."


Premium / Heroes of Legend - POD
« dnia: 2021-06-23, 09:26 »

PS. Nie ma to jak w geście desperacji dawać ludziom do druku karty z playtestu. ;)

Jak w temacie.

Turnieje / SnM - 20F Strict
« dnia: 2020-03-27, 20:04 »
Jako, że Rebirth Edition wchodzi w fazę Alpha Test chcielibyśmy się przypomnieć z CCG'iem stąd pomysł na turniej online. Format Twenty Festivals Strict czyli od bazowego setu Twenty Festivals do końca (czarny kleks). Niecałe 800 kart w puli i dodatkowo kilka zmian:

Izuna Sensei ma obcięty tekst i brzmi on "Open [BOW]: Another player's target Personality has Shadowlands while you are taking actions this turn."

The Fruitful Port of the Mantis, na stronie B ma taki trait "(When going second, if it's not active player's first turn, you may, once per game, produce 2 Gold)".

A keyword Honor ma limit jednej karty na trigger "Repeatable Interrupt: Once per trigger discard an Honor card to give an Honor gain or loss +1 or -1".

Jak ktoś byłby zainteresowany to niech da znać tutaj. Na dniach postawię turniej na Challonge.com i dopiszę chętnych.

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