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Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2021-04-04, 15:25 »

/by jar



Pack 6-ty ostatniego cyklu ma być w sklepach miesiąc przed packiem 5-ym.

Premium / Odp: Under Fu Leng's Shadow
« dnia: 2021-03-31, 18:05 »

Tyrant Oni
Oni. Shadowlands.

The crab event's name is Strike and its keyword is Jade, paint by numbers

Lost Samurai
Reaction: After this Character (there's a capital P there so I guess its Personaje/Character)
Conflict, choose a participating character who is(or is not, I can't guess) shadowlands.
dishonor that character.

Life From Beyond the Grave
Action: Choose a Character from your Dinasty discard pile with the highest printed cost among all the characters in that discard pile - put him into play, tainted.

Wywiad z Papugą: https://courtgamespod.com/post-mortem-with-tyler-parrot/?fbclid=IwAR0CYmDtqnqIfEVDlHYg6MvYm78f-Mr4oo_AlWPs0sAMhxMLUG5XgXGFxi4


Aconyte and Edge continuing with the IP for novels and RPG, no mention of anything else. Encouraged fans to produce new content for the LCG. Final balance update to follow Under Fu Leng's Shadow. Game end was decided pre-covid, the only difference would have been in-person end of game events.

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2021-03-16, 19:56 »


Miał być konkurs fan-fiction organizowany przez FFG (w ramach ostatniej metagry), ale go anulowali bo... własnie co? Jakie "legal ramifications"?

Artisan District / Odp: Arty, które przepadły?
« dnia: 2021-03-09, 17:30 »
Rani Sensei z bazowego Onyxa.

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2021-03-03, 19:29 »

Czyli na razie nie ma szans na powrót L5R do korzeni

Chyba nie.

Jakaś grupa zapaleńców zabrała się do fanowskiego poprawiania gry. Po tygodniach dyskusji opublikowali wstępny dokument z proponowanymi zmianami. W pierwszym rzucie likwidacja Rally jako mechaniki i ban prawie 50-kart. :D

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2021-02-25, 22:36 »

Artisan District / Odp: Arty, które przepadły?
« dnia: 2021-02-24, 16:48 »
Dorzuciłem do pierwszego posta Kakita Seiyami z The Blackest Storm.


Rob Hobart

From what I heard second-hard at AEG (the full details were never shared with us mere employees), FFG/Asmodee spent at least two million dollars to purchase L5R.
At this point they cannot possibly get the same or more back by re-selling it -- the value of the IP has certainly been diminished by the failure of the LCG. So they will likely hold on to the IP in the hope of eventually generating enough revenue to justify the original purchase."

Zinser włączył się do dyskusji na temat hipotetycznego systemu dla L5R 3.0. Ciekawe.


John Zinser
I think the answer for competitive card games is some sort of hybrid release system. LCG format for many of the cards in each set and CCG style for limited portions of the set or upgraded cards. The monthly packs is IMO not a good way to manage a card pool. Having to change your deck every 30 days is not fun and it is hard to keep up. I would suggest new cards every 90-150 days.
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Jed Carleton
John Zinser LCG for Faction specific cards, CCG for staples / unfactioned cards? Sort of would let you use the special set functionality to put out storyline based cards too.
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Eric Steiger
I wonder if there isn't something to be said for faction-specific packs. One of the big issues to getting into an LCG is the number of packs it takes once it's been established for some time. If you could get a single starter, a Clan upgrade pack or two, and neutrals, it would make the on-ramp a lot less expensive.
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Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez
John Zinser I disagree. I think it entirely depends on the gameplay. L5R is fine as an LCG cause of how the clans are set up (players only really need to know the cards in their clan). L5R is also closer to a minis strategy/tactics game than other CCGs are.
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John Zinser
Eric Steiger the biggest hurdle with the LCG model from the business side is selling enough cards to make it profitable. There is a world where you can charge a premium but not ridiculous price to avoid booster packs. If you sell faction packs for a 8 faction game it means you are likely selling 1/8 of what you would sell of a normal LCG release. In my hybrid idea you would charge a premium for the faction packs and then in boosters you could go back to having multiple levels of rarity and super rare super valuable cards that would drive pack sales but not be detrimental to being able to play the game competitively. For boosters to work you would need to put some new cards in them just doing shiny versions of cards they can get in the LCG style packs is a non starter.
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John Zinser
Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez it is fine as an LCG if it had more players. Going from a CCG to LCG model cuts your income and profit by 50%. Meaning the reason to do it is the expectation that selling the LCG will create at least 2X the customers.

• L5C33 –  As Honor Demands Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/5)
• L5C34 –  Atonement Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/6)
• L5C35 –  "core set 2.0" at some point under playtest but never released.
• L5C36 –  Twisted Loyalties Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/1)
• L5C37 –  Honor in Flames Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/2)

Hehe, czyli mniej więcej można można ustalić moment kiedy położono laskę na nowe krążki.

Artisan District / Odp: For Fun (bez slow)
« dnia: 2021-02-18, 00:11 »

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