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SnM - Changing the Game - Emperor
« dnia: 2017-07-15, 13:38 »
Registration until 19th July. More details on Sun and Moon private Facebook group:

Event page -


Time to refresh memory and enter into high adrenaline L5R CCG experience again. This time in exciting Emperor Edition environment. Winner will be allowed to replace front-page Shinbone Ratlings with image of his choice.

- Banlist:

Foothold of the Mad <- it's new and TO decision
Kalani’s Landing

All That Will Be Lost
Cross-Clan Wedding
The Wall is Breached
Twisted Fate

Charter of the Legion of Two Thousand
Well-Tended Farm

Asako Karachu (basic)
Ki no Oni
Seppun Jiramu

Caught Unawares
Duty of the Crab
Exquisite Gifts
Frozen in Place
One Koku

Gozu’s Guide

- One deck for whole tournament. No changes allowed.
- Before the game start both players may agree to play best-of-three. If not, winner will be scored 2-0. Final game will be best-of-three.
- No results equals double loss (this time 0 points for every player).
- Every round will take 4 - 7 days. Or faster if all finish their games earlier.
- Sign ups will last until Wednesday 19 July @ 11pm CET and first round pairings will follow immediately.
- All players have to use latest Sun and Moon version and update immediately if it's available -
Ratling • Nonhuman • Tactician • Those Who Wait Tribe