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L5R RPG Thunder Edition
« dnia: 2021-08-10, 09:10 »
by Sergio Frazier
"Introducing L5R RPG Thunder Edition (or 4.5), a project I have been working on for a while now. Inspiration came from a lot of sources, like homebrew from Kaze no Shiro, my own homebrew, 5th edition (concepts), and a lot of Rob Hobart's design notes on L5R “5” edition. If anything, you might get a glimpse of what an L5R 5th edition would have looked like under AEG IMO, before the buyout. The docs include the L5R RPG Thunder Edition Core Basics, Skills, some Advantages and Disadvantages, Armor and Weapons, and two examples of Schools using the Hida School and the Mirumoto School (Magic is still a work in progress). I would like to give credit to all of those that worked on L5R RPG 4e since I used the organized info and word use from the core rule book, inserting new material as someone reads along. Enjoy. P.S. this was a fun project if anything else."

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