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Daigotsu analogowo na sprzedaż.
« dnia: 2024-01-20, 12:56 »
Na grupie L5R pojawiła się oferta sprzedaży wersji analogowej Daigotsu.

Hi All,
Some of you may remember when I commissioned Drew Baker to create this one of a kind, only rendition of Daigatsu in physical form (it was finished digitally).
The time has come to pass it on to it's next home. I've started a business, and am now self employed and could use some cash to help push things to the next level.
It's bitter sweet, but I loved this piece and now it can help with other aspects of my life.
Here are some images of the piece, which I've framed (you can always change that).
It measures 24 x 18" so it's a great big healthy size.
Shipping is only available to those in the U.S. as it's quite expensive and delicate.
Price is $3,000, same price I paid, the frame cost ($300) and the shipping ($100+) are at my expense.

Drew Baker
Dang. It was exciting to get to revisit this piece for Jason, to bring my new skills to bear on a piece of art that was so important.
(There are actually surprising difficulties to revisiting a piece that was originally done digitally. Things like finding the right paints to give you the colors and transitions that were easy the first time around, but just out of reach of the pigments I typically use. And wanting to make small adjustments to the composition to work a little better at that larger scale, without straying from the spirit and recognizability of the original piece. It's not easy, and Jason was a pleasure to work with through the process. Thanks again, Jason!)
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