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Charytatywne misprinty Stone of Remembrance
« dnia: 2018-09-21, 02:09 »
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[Puerto Rico Old5R Fundraiser]

It has been one year since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, and it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to step up and help our fellow Americans, because nobody else is.

L5R always had a loyal following in Puerto Rico as well as a strong charitable tradition. The last charity card was The Stone of Remembrance, which you likely -- remember. What you probably didn't know though was that there was a misprinted batch that never got distributed, as their mechanical text was completely blank. The only text that printed was the informational text along the bottom, and the dedication text along the side which reads

"For those who are suffering, our thoughts are with you"

I have some and figured this would be a good time to use them for charity. Whatever amount of money you can afford to donate is what is being asked, minimum $10 cheapskates. ;) PayPal all donations to 100% of profits from this will go to Habitat for Humanity, Puerto Rico.
They are doing a lot of good on the ground there in Puerto Rico. Thank you Crystal Enriquez and David Rodriguez for all of your help in this.

If you are thinking "What the heck is L5R? Can I just donate to Puerto Rico without caring about cardboard toys?" The answer is an emphatic yes. Send on whatever you can, and I will give you a crisp high five next time we see each other.

Thank you so much to everyone for any donations you can give. These American Citizens are still hurting badly and need our help. Thank you.

(This donation request is open to everyone, please feel free to share this wherever. I will start shipping these in a few weeks.)

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